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Supportive Housing

Our supportive housing location serves clients transitioning back to their regular daily living routine.

RecoVET HealthCare will operate 3 (three) apartment buildings and homes across the St. Louis Area to establish rapid housing opportunities for Veterans. Incorporating 75% of all activities done by RecoVET, the supportive recovery housing model is the main program offered that puts the organization standing out above the rest. Many individuals seeking supportive recovery housing do so because they find themselves needing to remove themselves from their environments to make the changes they would like to see in their own life or because they currently are homeless.


The transitional living program is the crux of what makes RecoVET successful. Veterans living in the housing program will be provided a healthy, supportive, and structured living environment that will be accompanied by Peer Support Specialists who come from a similar background with programming of the facility co-led by Executive Director and Lead Peer of the residency. Residents will live in a recovery community, attend treatment meetings, and participate in peer support groups for addiction and behavioral health issues.


The housing will be contingent upon receiving behavioral health and/or addiction services. All the residents living in the house will need to follow the guidelines designed for the Transitional Living Program and each resident is encouraged to find part time work, volunteer, or go to school for 20 hours a week. By encouraging our residents to do this, we are promoting independence, which is a key component of sobriety and recovery. As the residents gain independence, their self-image and self-efficacy will rise as well. 

Jordan Hampton discusses the philosophy of Recovery House and what makes it successful.

Compassion, Love, and Tolerance

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Requirements for Residency

  • Residents must be male.

  • Residents must be 18 years of age or older.

  • Residents must be abstinent from alcohol and all illicit substances

  • All new residents must be interviewed before acceptance into the house is granted.

  • To be considered for admission, a potential resident must fill out an application and a personal plan for recovery. This plan typically includes any group sessions, individual counseling, social support, and/or medication that the potential resident uses to aid in their sobriety.

  • Once accepted, the resident will play a role in building culture amongst the home and can have the option of holding an elected position as the residents’ recovery progresses.

  • Residents are responsible for maintaining general care of the home

  • Mandatory weekly meetings, weekly peer coaching sessions, random urine drug screenings, and daily recovery process groups are held by the house management

Amenities At The Supportive Housing Homes May Include:

  • Security Cameras/Alarm System

  • Updated Appliances

  • Modern Leather Furniture

  • Television with Cable

  • Pool Table

  • Wireless Internet

  • Computer Room

  • Library

  • Washer & Dryer

  • Backyard Grill & Fire-Pit

  • Work Garage

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"A brotherhood filled with camaraderie and support."
-Daniel Coverdell

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