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Meet The Team


Andrew Robinson, 
Executive Director

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Suneal Menzies

Suneal brings 14 years of success inspiring teams and boosting performance through people-focused health care administration. He is a seasoned healthcare executive with the ability to balance strategic decisions and financial discipline with a hands-on approach to leadership—resulting in a strong employee, patient, and community satisfaction. Is an engaging communicator and relationship builder with expertise in organizational planning, capital projects, contract negotiations, team development, patient care, and increasing visibility for growth.

Over the past 14 years, Suneal has had the opportunity to consult in the addiction field in both public and private organizations, including pharmaceutical companies and government groups. He is the founder and managing partner of Recovery House, a transitional living program, the co-founder of QSR Psychiatric Solutions, an outpatient mental health practice, both within ARCA Holdings, LLC, and co-founder of RecoVET HealthCare a nonprofit that focuses on advancing veterans' mental health care. Suneal currently serves on the board of St. Kolby Puckett Center for Healing.

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Jordan Hampton,
Director of Housing

Jordan Hampton is a person is long-term recovery. Jordan currently is credentialed with CPS, MARS, and multiple specialty trainings. Jordan began his work with The Gateway Foundation as an EPICC recovery coach. Jordan went on to work with the ARCHway Institute in a multitude of facets including adolescent counseling for PreventED’s youth counseling program.


Jordan worked with ARCA and the recovery housing program in many different roles, when stepping into the Director of housing position in 2019. Jordan currently serves as a consultant for peer support specialists across the state on the MIMH/SOR consultant team. Additionally, Jordan provides expertise as a consultant for RecoVET, a recovery supportive housing organization. Jordan serves on the MCRSP (Missouri Coalition of Recovery Support Providers) executive board, including being a peer–reviewer for recovery housing organizations across the state that wish to obtain their NARR certification.


Jordan serves as a CPS and MRSS trainer for individuals wishing to obtain their credential in the state of Missouri. Jordan serves on state and national level coalitions that include MCRSP, RCGSTL and NPRA. Jordan has presented on the “Best Practices of Recovery Housing” on a national platform for NARR (National Alliance of Recovery Residency) and strives to make recovery housing programs the best they can possibly by using these practices along with compassion, love, and tolerance.

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Nick Willis, 
House Leader

Nick Wills is an example of success in sober living. After struggling with addiction for many years, Nick was able to make a complete turnaround with the help of friends, family, and professionals. He found sobriety in the spring of 2021 and since then, he has gone on to lead an incredibly successful and fulfilling life. His accomplishments in sobriety range from achieving medical stability, maintaining a job in the health care industry, and becoming a mentor to other individuals struggling in their early recovery. He now serves as part of the management team at RECOVET HEALTHCARE, a transitional living facility for veterans. At the transitional living facility, Nick helps veterans in their recovery process, ensuring they have the support they need to build a strong and successful future beyond their combat experiences. He credits his success in recovery to his investment in interpersonal relationships and his commitment to self-care. He is an inspiration to us all.

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Shaun Copeland,
House Leader

Shaun is a 43-year-old man who has recently celebrated 18 months of sobriety. After struggling with substance abuse in his earlier years, Shaun has been able to chip away at his addiction and has worked hard to stay sober. He is an example of positive change and staying true to his commitment.


Within the past year and a half that Shaun has been sober, he has found new ways to fill the time he was once spending in places and situations where his addiction flourished. He began attending group therapy sessions and learning facilitative skills to keep himself on track with his mental health.


He has experienced a great sense of reward by throwing himself into volunteer work and contributing to the wellbeing of his community. Shaun has immersed himself into mentorship roles with those also attempting to find their way to sobriety. He also enjoys outdoor activities and spending more personal time with his children. 


Most recently, Shaun stepped into a professional role for a local nonprofit, managing a team of people that are actively working to help marginalized members of the community. He also has stepped into an instructor role teaching the construction class that is affiliated with the AGC here at RECOVET HEALTHCARE. He believes that leading by example and placing the needs of others before himself will give him long-term dedication to his new way of life.


Shaun is an exemplary role model and his commitment to his sobriety and taking care of himself has been an inspiration to many.


Our Team

Our dedicated & experienced team is ready to help you achieve your goals. We have a can-do attitude
backed up by real-life experience and success. 

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