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Career Training

RecoVET HealthCare has partnered with the Associated General Contractors of Missouri (AGCMO), Wake Foundation, and Three Rivers College to provide training and job placement for eligible veterans.

Career and Skills Training Program

In partnership with the Associated General Contractors of Missouri (AGCMO), Three Rivers College, and The Robert Wake Foundation, veterans who are interested will be placed into a six-week job training program where they learn the skills to get placed into construction jobs within the Missouri Workforce, some paying up to $50/hr.

RecoVET HealthCare is passionate about creating opportunities for veterans with interest in the construction field and establishing a pipeline of services from rapid rehousing to mental health and addiction services, to then assist individuals served in finding employment.

Education Program

Education comes in two-fold for RecoVET and while it is interweaved through all of our programs, it takes 5% of administrative time. Throughout all our services, our team will be providing resources and education to engage with our residents, meet them where they are, and aid in setting goals with benchmarks and strategies that work best for them. In tandem with our mental health services provided with our Peer Support, RecoVET residents will find a positive self-identity and move towards individual pathways to achieve success. In addition to this, RecoVET believes in assisting the veterans who seek services the best way we can while keeping veterans’ goals in mind. Because of this, we will establish partnerships with local community colleges and universities in addition to job training.

Highway and Vertical Residential Construction Training

After the six-week Heavy/Highway Constructor Level 1 certification is achieved at Three Rivers College interested veterans information will be offered to local employers. Upon completion, The Wake Foundation will pay for the cost of the class for veterans that continue will full-time employment with contractors located in southeast Missouri.

How to Apply

Veterans interested in additional information on the program are encouraged to contact Jackson Bostic, AGCMO district representative, Southeast Missouri, at 573-429-5278 or email

To apply download and email the completed application to Robert Wake at

Spring Class 2022

What Clients Say

The opportunities that were given to us and the other guys in the class were once in a lifetime. - Danial
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